Bone Nonunion

The set of cutting-edge procedures offered Sport-Med Cracow offers an alternative to surgical operation for bone nonunion. These are the latest generation of Stem Cells procedures, appropriate for individuals suffering from lack of bone healing after a fracture. Same Day procedures are effective and do not require operation. They work to raise the concentration of the patient’s stem cells in the area of the condition, increasing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Traditional methods of treating complications where fractures fail to heal bone growth usually take into consideration surgical operation, which may be painful and require several months of rehabilitation without guaranteeing effectiveness. An alternative to surgical operation are the procedures conducted in Sport-Med Cracow clinic, after which patients rehabilitate very quickly.

Most cases of bone fracture heal with no problems. Fractures where ends of the bone in the place of fracture remain mobile and do not heal completely within 6 months after injury are called nonunion. In the US, for every 6 million bone breaks, about 300,000 individuals experience delayed bone union or nonunion.

Reasons for nonunion may be the following:

  • Complicated multiple fractures (serious shattering of the bone)
  • Open fractures
  • Breaks connected with malignant growth (pathological fractures)
  • Infection
  • Insufficient stabilization of the break (junction)
  • Poor blood supply to the tissues
  • Malnutrition
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, metabolic bone diseases)

What are the results of treatment?

Injections of Stem Cells are a good alternative to surgical operation in the case of bone fracture nonunion. At Sport-Med Cracow we treat cases of bone nonunion very effectively with Stem Cells. Instead of undergoing an extensive operation where bones that have failed to join are broken again, and then a bone transplant is placed between them with additional supporting elements, our patients receive an injection from their own Stem Cells at the area of the break. The experience of doctors at Sport-Med Cracow indicates that this procedure is effective.

Patients’ opinions

Many patients find the results of this procedure to be hard to believe. For example, they don’t feel pain 24 hours after a procedure conducted in the pelvic area. Visual examination such as tomographic images reveal the tissue healing process, and after 8 weeks, moderate growth in the area of the break is visible. Patients are able to walk on their own without a walker and do not feel any pain. What is exceedingly important for patients is that the procedure is minimally invasive. Injuries of the thigh bone, hip joint and pelvis no longer have to reduce their quality of life. Thanks to procedures conducted in Sport-Med Clinic Cracow, patients can return to health and move ahead again.

More rapid healing as soon as 4 weeks after Stem Cell therapy than after 10 weeks without it!

The procedures used in Sport-Med Cracow have also been used in the case of fractures that fail to heal in the shoulder area. Many patients recommend these procedures due to their minimal invasiveness and exceptional results. At Sport-Med Cracow we have experience with patients who have undergone complicated shoulder bone fractures, requiring the use of stabilizing plates and screws. Despite the fact that the elements maintained the bones in the proper location, patients continued to feel pain and their arm mobility was limited. In addition, there was the risk of worsening their condition if an accident or other injury occurred before the bone was able to heal. Patients tried to use special bone growth stimulators, calcium supplements, physiotherapy, stiffening in the form of splints, plaster, orthoses. Many orthopedists do not have anything else to offer than to try to locate a bone implant in the place where a fracture fails to join. Many patients, however, do not wish to undergo this procedure, because having had one operation, they no longer believe in the effectiveness of another. In addition, they know that it is connected with a long period of rehabilitation. Seeking an alternative, some individuals find out about Stem Cell procedures.

Procedures using Stem Cells begin with aspiration of the bone marrow, which is a surprisingly simple procedure. Patients describe that it is felt as a deep cramp, and the area may be tender at night and on the day after the procedure, but patients quickly return to activity. After about 3 weeks Stem Cells are injected exactly into the location where the fracture did not heal, and this all takes place under X-ray monitoring and with local anaesthetic. This part of the procedure also causes minimal pain. The area undergoing the procedure may be slightly swollen and tender at night and on the day after the procedure, but cold compresses, nonprescription painkillers and rest suffice for these conditions to ease.

After about 4 weeks an X-ray is performed. Usually the healing of the bone is visible, which occurs as soon as 4 weeks after the procedure using Stem Cells and is at a more advanced stage than after 10 weeks in patients that have not undergone this procedure. Patients are surprised with the results, because after just 4 weeks the location which until this point was not healing becomes completely filled with new tissue. The pain level decreases, the range of motor activity increases, and after about 12 weeks, patients can return to almost all of their daily activities. Monitoring X-rays conducted after about 16 weeks of the injection procedure of Stem Cells usually indicates that the break has healed. Due to the low level of invasiveness and high effectiveness, patients unanimously agree that they would recommend this procedure to other individuals.

Comment: The above method is not a Same Day procedure as it is a procedure requiring a longer incubation of Stem Cells. Just as with every medical procedure, it may be effective, but it also fails sporadically, and not every patient suffering from a fracture with a complication of nonunion receives the same treatment results.