The alternative to a knee joint operation

At Sport-Med Cracow clinic, we employ various methods of nonsurgical treatment based on stem cells and blood platelets. Our Clinic offers the latest generation of therapy for those suffering from knee pain or considering a knee joint operation or alloplasty as a result of common injuries to the tendons, ligaments and bones, arthrosis of the joints or other degenerative diseases.

If you have suffered from damage to the elbow, knee joint tissue, anterior cruciate ligament or medial collateral ligament, or if you suffer from chronic knee pain due to a past injury or arthrosis of the joints you may be a good candidate for stem cell therapy or blood platelet procedures. Traditional approaches to treatment of patients suffering from the above-mentioned conditions include arthroscopic knee operation, which aims to reconstruct damaged tendons, or complete endoprosthesoplasty of the knee joint. In the case of both operations, a several month long rehabilitation is necessary to regain strength and motor capacity. The patient must be conscious of this process and properly prepared for the risks involved in the procedure.

Alternatives to knee joint operation or alloplasty are the nonsurgical procedures used in the Sport-Med Cracow clinic. They help to relieve pain and associated conditions through injections during Same Day procedures (SD). In contrast to traditional operations, after the nonsurgical procedures used at Sport-Med Cracow, patients are encouraged to begin walking on the same day that the procedure was conducted, and most patients return to their daily activities soon after the procedure.