The alternative to operational treatment for osteoarthrosis of the joints and hand injuries

Osteoarthrosis of the thumb joint may appear early on in life. Continuous circular motions and rotation of the thumb around its axis in the joint area at the base of the thumb, otherwise known as the first carpometacarpal joint, causes the joint’s rapid degeneration. Degenerative changes of the thumb joint area are also common in people with general osteoarthrosis of the joint.

One of the methods of treating this condition is a complete joint reconstruction operation. While the operation may improve the state of health for some individuals, it is not appropriate for everyone. With time, new problems may develop related to the thumb joint, causing symptoms such as numbness or tenderness. The cutting-edge treatment methods offered in the Sport-Med Cracow clinic offer an alternative to surgical operation, using your own Stem Cells to assist in the reconstruction of damaged areas that cause pain.

Conditions of the hand and wrist are treated with the help of procedures using Stem Cells and blood platelets.

The list below presents conditions of the hand and wrist treated using Stem Cells or blood platelets.

This is not an exclusive list – contact us using the contact form below if you have questions whether your condition may be treated using the described nonsurgical methods. The type of procedures used (Stem Cells or blood platelets) depends in large part on the extent of the injury or advancement of the condition.

  • Osteoarthrosis of the hand joints
  • Joint instability
  • Damage to the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC)
  • Carpal tunel syndrome
  • Schnellender Finger

Results in patients with osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist joints

We assessed a group of patients, the majority of which suffered from advanced osteoarthritis of the thumb joint. Stem cell injections of their own stem cell material was used. Most of these patients probably would have qualified either for a replacement of the thumb joint or for an operation, where the tendon is folded appropriately at the base of the thumb. Both of these operations are extensive ones, connected with the risk of serious complications.