What distinguishes the Stem Cell procedures conducted at Sport-Med Cracow?

When Sport-Med Cracow first offered Stem Cell treatment for orthopedic conditions, we were one of few clinics in Poland treating orthopedic problems with this approach. Currently many clinics offer Stem Cell therapy, largely in the area of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, and some clinics are slowly beginning to use Stem Cells for orthopedic treatment. At Sport-Med Cracow, we set high standards for ourselves regarding all Stem Cell procedures that we offer our patients.

All injections are visually monitored

At Sport-Med Cracow doctors conducting procedures with Stem Cells use visual monitoring to control whether cells are located exactly in the desired location. Research has indicated that even in the case of joints that are easily aspirated such as the knee joint, experienced doctors who aspire “blind” with needles may miss the joint in as many as 14-45% cases (depending on the method and degree of advancement of the arthritis of the joints). This means that conducting the injections without visual monitoring (blind) results in location of Stem Cells in the area of the patient’s knee joint area in only one half of cases. Stem Cells that are not located inside the knee joint will have no influence on the knee. The level of precision in the case of other joints is lower still, because these joints are smaller or have more soft tissue.

Research was conducted where cases of blind location of Stem Cells were compared directly to cases where they were injected precisely at the target area (local adhesion). The control injections contained saline solution and demonstrated minimal change. Results in the blind joint injections were not much better; on the other hand, when Stem Cells were injected directly onto the damaged area inside the joint, a significant regeneration of the tissue was visible. This same rule applies in cases of injections of Stem Cells conducted in the tendon, ligaments, sections of the knee meniscus, labrum, etc.

In addition, a certain problem arises when aspiring Stem Cells from the bone marrow, because the rear area of the hip where they are taken from is constructed in a particular way. If the doctor takes the cells from the area without visual monitoring (blind, with no use of fluoroscope or ultrasound) the risk of aspiring cells from an improper location dramatically increases. In the rear part of the hip there is a very thin section of the hip bone which when tapped by a doctor will most probably release blood, but not bone marrow aspirate.

Precision is the key to success when aspiring Stem Cell samples. The doctors at Sport-Med Cracow pay particular attention to this.

Experienced laboratory technicians – use of an automatic centrifuge

All patients are observed for a significant time period after the procedure to note its effectiveness or complications

Leaders in research on Stem Cells in orthopedics