Same Day procedures (SD) conducted in the hip joint area

Stem Cells are present in each of our bodies and fulfill a corrective function in our body. However, when we age or are injured, we sometimes cannot achieve the appropriate number of repair cells in damaged areas. The modern procedures used by the Sport-Med Cracow clinic allow this problem to be resolved, while increasing the number of natural cells regenerating the organism. This can be obtained by cultivating cells resulting from areas that are clearly rich in mesenchymal Stem Cells, and then creating concentrated solutions of these cells before their re-injection into the damaged area that requires repair.

Procedures conducted in Sport-Med Cracow using Stem Cells begin with careful anaesthetization of the rear area of the hip and then taking a small sample of bone marrow using a needle. This procedure differs from a bone marrow biopsy, which is sometimes painful. The procedure conducted at Sport Med Cracow is called aspiration of bone marrow and patients usually have a painless.

In addition, a blood sample is also taken from veins on the shoulder. Samples are then tested. Later, cells are transformed and reinjected in the area that requires regeneration and during the procedure the needle is inserted under visual monitoring (real time fluoroscopic method, ultrasound of the skeletal system or based on magnetic resonance). Cells may be injected on the same day or cultivated for 2 weeks in order to gain more cells.

Currently at the Sport-Med Cracow clinic New Generation Same Day procedures are available (SD+). In the case of advanced Same Day Procedures (SD+), our specialists isolate mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow samples. Then, the cells are injected again into the damaged area on the same day, together with natural growth factors found in your blood platelets. The goal of the procedure is to supply many more Stem Cells to the damaged area than the organism would supply independently. Same Day Procedures are available in the Sport-Med Cracow clinic on an unlimited basis. More detailed information on this topic can be found on our web page.

Why are Same Day Procedures conducted at the Sport-Med Cracow clinic different from the type of procedures offered in other clinics?

First, we don’t use standard small centrifuges to prepare the cell solutions; we use an advanced centrifuge system to gain a high concentration.

Second, some doctors add platelet rich plasma to the Stem Cell concentration, while we use a special Super Platelet Concentrate. The idea to create a Super Platelet Concentrate arose as a result of a series of experiments conducted in the Sport-Med Cracow clinic.

Thanks to mixing the second generation platelet rich plasma prepared by us (with a slow release of growth factors) with a third generation platelet lysate (with immediately available growth factors) we are able to achieve a growth of Stem Cells that is many times higher than in the case of use of either exclusively platelet rich plasma or platelet lysate.

What does this mean for you?

Our research has indicated that thanks to procedures conducted in the Sport-Med Cracow clinic we can achieve quicker Stem Cell growth than in other Same Day procedures using bone marrow stem cells. Every other procedure using bone marrow Stem Cells uses only one marrow fraction that is rich in Stem Cells.

The second generation procedures used in Sport-Med Cracow use two bone marrow fractions rich in Stem Cells. By adding a minimally transformed second fraction we can achieve a concentration of Stem Cells that is 5-7 times greater than that achieved when isolating a single fraction.