Super-Concentrated Platelet Procedure (SCP)

How can you improve your Stem Cells?

Our SCP procedure allows us to obtain better purified and significantly more concentrated platelet preparation than traditional platelet rich plasma that is obtained by standard centrifuging. Blood platelets contain growth factors that increase the healing process and according to our current experience, the greater the number of blood platelets that reach the treated location, the more active the Stem Cells become.

The SCP procedure is a nonsurgical method of treatment based on blood platelets that was worked out with the help of patients suffering from joint pain, inflammation of the tendons or ligaments or with tendon conditions related to their injury or degradation. This is a more advanced form of the well-known platelet rich treatment method, that is, PRP injections, which are less costly than procedures using Stem Cells and are commonly used in the case of less serious injuries and conditions.

Briefly on the topic of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The procedure of injecting platelet rich plasma to speed up the regeneration of joints, tendons, ligaments and damaged muscles is quickly becoming a common method of treatment used by orthopedists. Injections with platelet rich plasma contain growth factors that increase the body’s regenerative abilities. In the majority of clinics that conduct procedures using platelet rich plasma, the process of generating PRP requires taking blood from the patient and transforming it in a standard centrifuge to separate the plasma and obtain concentrated blood platelets that are then automatically extracted and used in platelet rich plasma solution injections. In standard centrifuges platelet rich plasma is obtained that contains 3-5 times the number of platelets than in typical blood plasma, and in addition, PRP maintains a relatively high percent of white and red blood cells which may cause additional inflammation after injection.

Treatment based on platelet rich plasma is effective because blood platelets have a stimulating influence on Stem Cells found in the target area of treatment. Stem Cells are found in various places in our entire body and fulfill a key role in the repair of damaged tissue, and so all methods of treatment that lead to increasing the effectiveness of Stem Cells are advantageous for us.

Why is the SCP procedure better than typical platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

At Sport-Med Cracow we have developed an improved ‘Super-Concentrated Platelets’ (SCP) procedure. It uses the same approach to healing damaged tissue but the solution is significantly more purified and concentrated than platelet rich plasma obtained in the centrifuge. It can be obtained because at Sport-Med Cracow we employ qualified specialists who operate the latest generation system to obtain a high concentration, which allows for better use of necessary blood components, at the same time eliminating unnecessary cells.

The SCP procedure allows a higher concentration of blood platelets to be obtained than the procedures in the majority of clinics that use centrifuges that increase the concentration of platelets theoretically up to 5 times, but usually in reality are only 2-3 times the concentration of platelets in the blood. The SCP procedure uses a more advanced system to gain a higher concentration of platelets, even 20-40 times higher than in normal blood. Using SCP we have proven that a higher concentration of platelets has a positive influence on Stem Cells responsible for regenerating damaged tissue.

The SCP procedure reduces the contamination of the solution with white and red blood cells – standard centrifuges permit a higher platelet concentration, but many of them do not remove unnecessary cells from the solution obtained. Our experience to date indicates that white and red blood cells can have a moderating influence on Stem Cells, which should be stimulated by blood platelets, and in addition they can cause strong inflammation. After conducting the SCP procedure, the platelet rich solution has an amber color and is significantly more purified than common platelet rich plasma obtained by centrifuging.

Most important is that the SCP procedure conducted in Sport-Med Cracow permits the supply of significantly higher concentration of platelets to damaged areas which allows us to achieve the best possible results at Sport-Med Cracow. If you would like to find out more about the advantages of using SCP procedures, read other articles on the topic on our website.