About our clinic

Our clinic is a place where we effectively help you regain the joy of life without pain and limited movement. By practising the medicine of the future, we achieve results in cases where others would throw their hands up. This is proven by the satisfaction of our patients, many of whom are notable athletes such as Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska.

We have created a group of highly competent specialists who approach your problem with kindness and care.

Dr Jan Paradowski performs orthopaedic consultations. He is a highly esteemed orthopaedic surgeon and sports doctor who uses modern diagnostic and treatment methods, including methods from regenerative medicine. What is more, thanks to his experience treating professional athletes as well as growing up with sport, he understands sporting injuries not only as a doctor but also as an athlete.

In our clinic we always treat people using a holistic approach – we work with specialists from other medical fields to look after your health on all levels:

  • Kardio-Med – Cardiology
  • Foot-Med – Podology
  • Geno-Med – Nutrition
  • Onko-Med – Oncology
  • Dr Paradowska Aesthetic Clinic – Aesthetic Medicine

Many well-known athletes have trusted us, we can help you too!

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The Sport-Med team

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email: clinic@bioregen.com

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